Install a Package Manager on Windows Dev Enviroment

During a long time it’s been really dificult for me to work on Windows development enviroments, it was not a good sensation, but after giving a try during two months I’ve been able to work with, for my tremendous surprise there is a package manager out there, they’ve integrated a linux subsystem in the operative system and so many things more. If you don’t know what key advantages you get when you use a package manager I will simple describe it as control, with a package manager you will have to install software and it will automatically download the appropriate package from its configured main software repository, install it, and set it up, all without you having to click through wizards or hunt down .
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Sync Vscode Extensions

It’s been a long time since my personal computer was reinstalled I just remember that it was 3 years ago when I was having problems with my LUKS configuration, sadly I was unable to solved it so I just reinstall all my operative system entirely. Now recently I just finish a clean Debian install, I was refreshing my Gnu/Linux Laptop and all the tools. the thing here is that I was looking to have the same visual studio code settings in my new install.
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Welcome to my website

This site is going to help me document things that I could forget and it will be my personal reference, The site is dedicated to sysadmin and devops first and foremost. You will also find a great deal of automation, CI/CD, containerization, coding, and etc. My post are going to be written in english and spanish languages. Hope you enjoy this blog post.