Hector F. Jimenez



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Infrastructure Engineer,Soluciones Globales SAS

Pereira, CO

Install and configure software accross multiple machines, implement and operate AD-SMB Enviroments.

  • Proeficient in Gnu/Linux Debian,Ubuntu and Centos.
  • Scripting using Python/Bash/PowerShell.
  • Manage multiple compute resources in a multicloud environment.

Operations, Computer Support,UTP

Pereira, CO

Install and configure software accross multiple machines, implement and operate AD-SMB Enviroments and multiple Platforms Gnu-Linux, Macintosh, Windows 7/10.

  • Proeficient in Gnu/Linux Debian,Ubuntu and Centos.
  • Scripting using Python/Bash/AnsiblePlaybooks.

WolDevSAS, System Analyst and Software Engineer

Pereira-Remote, CO

Solid understanding of Linux, networking, automation, metrics and reporting tools.

  • Develop and maintain accurate documentation for technical audiences
  • Design and review security plans in multiple clouds
  • Review infrastructure designs and plans for ci-cd enviroments
  • Debug and solve performance issues in Php and nodejs apps
  • Deploy nodejs applications

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot for Binance and Kucoin, QuantScienceTechnologies

Medellin-Remote, CO

Place buy & sell orders automatically at all times just by investigating the market buy/sell prices and adapt to make money from spread

  • Create Stop-loss strategies to prevent loss in event of market crash.
  • Fix time and connection issues with the public APIs

Freelance Security Advisor and System Administrator


Implement hardware and software at my disposition to protect all the valuable assets and information accross multiple cloud servers and networks in different providers(Digital Ocean, Linode, GCP, Amazon Aws,Profitserver.ru).
Implement mitigation plans to counter-attacks in a small and medium vps to effectively deploy methods, tools and techniques at my dispostion.
Fortify and harden Gnu/Linux multiple server configurations.

Developer Operations, DotBrain.co

Pereira, CO

I run infrastructure and keep systems healthy, working with the development team to deploy secure and fast products, highly adaptable in different kind of enviroments.

System Administration, Freelance


As freelance sometimes I do system adminstration to take care of servers, I've done security audits in different scenarios and providers to give the proper feedback, I work primarily with small companies and startups. Sometimes my clients just call me when they've problems. I used to be like a firefighter.

Research Assistant, Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira

Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira,Electrical Technology program

No description provided.

Class Monitor Computer Programming, Computers Room

Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira,Electrical Technology program

No description provided.


Bachelor in Electrical Technology

Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira
Pereira, CO

Thesis: Xbee Wireless Hand.

Computer Systems Engineering

Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira
Pereira, CO


Programming Skills

Software engineering, web development

  •    Unix,Gnu/Linux OS & Bash Scripting

  •    Python, Git

  •    C/C++, Matlab

  •     LaTex

  •    Ansible

  •    Javascript

  •    HTML/CSS3


Pereira Tech Communities

Pereira, CO

I try to co-organize and collaborate in different kind of meetups/communities/cons here in our beautiful city, because we want to build great products and use great latest technology that are available to us. In Pereira we have PerTechTalks, Pypereira and Pereirajs they're local meetups for anyone interested in multiple technologies at all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. We'll keep the topics covered as broad as possible, making physical things, teaching to code, showing personal projects, and even having fun and being artistic with all kind of technology. We want to be open, inclusive, and very much about community.

Volunteer, Arukay Clubes de Ciencia

Pereira, CO

Clubes de Ciencia Colombia(CdeC-Col) is an educational program that seeks to awake in young colombians their passion for science and technology,creating an international network of academic collaboration for the benefit of Colombia social and economic impact. As a volunteer we help to coordinate, organize and provide support to young people to finish their projects in robotics, programming, advanced biology, and in general STEM curriculum.

Competitive Programming

Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, Pereira, CO

As part of my own goals to achive and learn new things daily, I'm improving my group work and mathematical thinking using online judges like URI,Hackerearth among others.

Local Security Talks


Security field is so important in every aspect of our lifes, Taking the chance of giving talks about malicious implementations and executions.Monthly and private talks typically in public places like pubs of our city.


Personal Blog

English, Spanish and rarely in French

My personal space to start writing about my achieves, personal life and things that I'm learning in my way to become a good Tactical Ops and System Engineering and Computer Science graduate.


Travelling, Music, Movies, Running, Cooking.


Tecnicas de Cifrado y Autenticacion WLAN.
Comunicaciones I, UTP, March 2018
Understanding and tunning Nginx
PereiraTechTalks Meetup, December 2017
Proactive Security Server Defense.
Ainco inc, 2013
Linux 101, from n00b to Scripter.
Universidad Catolica Popular de Risaralda, 2013
Ingenieria Social, Framework para perfilar y defenderse
BarcampSecurity Edition V2.0